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Below is a list of Trainers currently registered with the VAL. You don't need to train with a registered trainer to compete with the VAL.

To help you find a potential trainer, the list below details the areas and age groups coached by each particular trainer.


David Woods

Location: Inner North Melbourne - Brunswick/Coburg/Parkville/Carlton
Distances Coached: 70m to 3k
Age Groups Coached: 11-25
Phone: 0432685999

Level 2 ATFCA and AA sprints, hurdles and middle distance coach. Represented Wales in the 400m and 400m hurdles. Winner of Stirling Highland Games 100, Meadowglen 300, Frankston, Heildelberg, Sandringham, Argyllshire games Oban, Crieff Highland Gathering 400s; Meadowglen and Dandenong 550; St Albans 800. Apprenticeship with VAL legend Benny Tancredi.