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  • Open to all athletes with Restricted status.  If a Restricted athlete wins a 400m InterSport Series race during the season, they may compete in the remaining Series races but will not longer be eligible for any other Restricted race.

  • Athletes can choose to race in as many or as few of the races nominated under this series as they like.

  • Points are allocated as per the below table.

  • The top 10 athletes at the end of the rounds will progress to the final.

  • Handicapping for the series is discretionary.

  • This series of races is set to be handicapped initially to a 50 second ceiling time on grass.


  • Meadowglen
  • Warrnambool
  • Terang
  • Frankston
  • Wangaratta
  • Ballarat
  • Castlemaine
  • Bendigo
  • Ringwood
  • Stawell (final)

Points table 

1st 15
2nd 10
3rd 8
4th 7
5th 6
6th 5
7th 4
8th 3
9th 2
10th 1