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  • Open to all athletes with Restricted status.  If a Restricted athlete wins a 400m InterSport Series race during the season, they may compete in the remaining Series races but will not longer be eligible for any other Restricted race.

  • Athletes can choose to race in as many or as few of the races nominated under this series as they like.

  • Points are allocated as per the below table.

  • The top 10 athletes at the end of the rounds will progress to the final, which takes place during the Stawell Gift carnival.

  • Handicapping for the series is discretionary.

  • This series of races is set to be handicapped initially to a 50 second ceiling time on grass.


2023 - 24 eligible meetings list coming soon

Points table 

1st 15
2nd 10
3rd 8
4th 7
5th 6
6th 5
7th 4
8th 3
9th 2
10th 1


2022-23 Final tally - final race winner at Stawell: Jack O'Dea in 48.42 off X

Athlete Name Points Tally
Montana Kerr 55
Fraser Stott 51
Archer Jones 46
Declan Gould 43
Jared Glover 39
Jack Odea 34
Jack Ramsay 33
Nicholas O'Connor 33
Charlotte Hallal 32
Jasmine Rowe 32
Hudson Downes 24
Hamish Hopkins 23
Joel Stapleton 17
Dashiell Muir 15
Zack Cossey 15
Lachlan Shanks 14
Patrick Meade 12
Riley Neecowen 10
Ben Wilson 7
Angus Aggenbach 6
Lachlan Kinnersly 6
Sky Hunter Robinson 5
Daniel Hildyard 5
Jennier King 5
Zahra Patterson 5
Archie Minett 4
Gabby Sullivan 3
Jabez Tobgui 3
Lana Toomer 3
Matthew Wilson 3
Patrick Game 2
Nic Davey 2
Declan Osullivan 1