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Castlemaine 23rd  February 2020
Weather; hot, sunny
Track; Grass 396m
Commentator; Cartha McKerrow
Wind gauge; Automatic
Starters; Rob McIntosh, Graeme Humphrey

Photo finish; Tom Burbidge, Andre Pereira
Results; Nila Blennerhassett
Stewards; Brian Marantelli, Wally Meechan
Handicappers; Graeme Goldsworthy, Colin Lane, Darryl, Chris Brown, Andrew McDowell



Matt McDonough, Sean Quilty, Phil Noden,Nathan Hartigan and Troy Atkins wore flats in the 3200m.

Tony O’Shea sought permission to use the standing start in sprint events.

Ava Toomer was a scratching from the final of the 120m u/18s, due to injury.

Garry Blake and Sandor Kazi were scratchings from the masters 300m, due to injury.

Stewards queried Tiani Shillito’s loss of time in the 120m Women’s gift as she progressed from heat to semi to final. A NAP was applied to her final run.

Athletes in circle events, in particular 300m and 400m evets, please read rules, below, regarding starting positions.

Track Allowance 70m  .1 second


120m Open Gift; Endale Mekonnen, Paul Hughes (brk)

120m Women’s Gift; Tiana Shillito, Taylah Perry, Zoe Glassborow

120m Masters; Julian Fawcett

300m Masters; Garry Blake, Sandor Kazi.

800m Open; Jack Anderson, Simon Fitzpatrick, Julian Harris, Benjamin Rolfe,Matthew Noden.

400m Women: Cleo Anderson

400m Open: Jay Blake

400m Women’s; Cleo Anderson



No athlete, coach or parent is to approach any handicapper on race day, all requests for discussions with handicappers are to be organized through the Chief Steward or the VAL office. 

  • Please note that under no circumstances are pets allowed onto the athletic arena, leashed or unleashed. 
  • VAL rule 11.16 - Any Athlete who sustains an injury or illness during an event, which prevents the athlete from running to the best of their ability or is unable to take their place in a semi-final or final for similar reasons, MAY incur a suspension of 28 days. The decision as to a suspension being applied is solely at the discretion of the stewarding panel. 
  • Breaking in a heat or semi final and not progressing is an automatic NP, at best 
  • All athletes must submit winning interstate performances and PB’s to the VAL via website as per VAL rules 11.19, 11.20, 11.21, 11.22, 11.23. Failure to do so WILL result in a fine. 
  • Athletes intending to wear flats in circular events must seek permission from stewards prior to racing.  Any sustained use of flats may reduce the possibility of reverting to spikes later in the season.  

Starting positions on circle track 

Athletes that are placed on the same handicap in a circle event. 

The athlete closest to the line (on the same handicap ) is allowed no more than a body width, from the line, unless the wider athletes permit. 

Under no circumstances can the colour/number order be altered from the program. 

Any athlete that is penalised for a false start must be placed to the outside of the new handicap. 

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Warrnambool 2019-20

Warrnambool - Saturday 30th November 2019
Weather: Overcast (Windy Conditions)                                  
Track: Grass 400m (Circular)
Commentator: Cartha McKerrow
Starters: Rob McIntosh & Graeme Humphries
Wind Gauge: Automatic
Photo Finish: Andre Pereira, Leah Macdonald
Results: Nila Blennerhassett
Stewards: Wally Meecham (Chief) & Chris Brown (Assisting)
Handicappers: Graeme Goldsworthy (Men Sprints), Darryl Nettleton (Women Sprints & Master Sprints), Andrew McDowell (Junior Sprints), Chris Brown (Restricted Sprints & Open 300/400) & Colin Lane (Middle Distance & Distance)


General Comments & Notes:

Important Note: All athletes who break in a heat or a semi-final and don’t progress will be issued an automatic NAP at best, UP to be issued based on discussion with athlete in question and if stewards see fit.

Important Note: All athletes must submit PB’s to the VAL via website as per VAL rules 11.19, 11.20, 11.21, 11.22, 11.23.

Important Note: All athletes intending to wear flats in circular events must seek permission from stewards prior to event.

General Comment: All athletes coming at Warrnambool to be awarded 2 ticks for any performance accessed as AP/SP/NAP-T. Only NAPs based on Handicapper & Stewards intervention would result in no ticks.

General Comment: Technical issues were experienced during the running of 300m Open heats, as such stewards made the quick decision to change progression to final to 1st & 2nd placings in each heat plus 2 fastest times.

General Comment: Track allowance applicable to 70m Open (0.10sec) and 120m Womens & Open (0.40sec) on adjusted times.

Stewards, Handicappers & Athlete Discussions:

Jake Stevens- Handicapper & Stewards post heat of 800m questioned Jake as to his significant improvement from Hastings to Warrnambool. Jake advised that Hastings was his first event/races for season and as such he subconsciously switched off in his heat of 800m at Hastings once he realised he couldn’t win or progress to final as he still had 1600m to run later in the day. Jake was reminded that he must run at 100% effort for all events whether he can win or not. No further action to be taken, nor required to be taken give results on the day.

Liv Ryan- Handicapper & Stewards post heat of 120m Women’s questioned Liv on her performance on the day, Handicapper had concern that Liv had performed well below expectations comparative to Hastings. Liv explained that she’d stumbled at the start and that conditions didn’t suit given the significant head wind. Live was extremely disappointed that she’d missed the final by smallest of margins. Stewards excepted Liv’s explanation and no further action to be taken with run to be considered an AP.

Performance Assessments:

VAL website now shows athletes performance assessments based on time deviations, however below are NAP’s based on Stewards further intervention & assessment:


NAP’s - None for the day.

Hastings 2019-20
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