Stawell 2018-19
Ringwood 2018-19
Berwick 2018-19

Berwick 23rd March 2019      
Weather: rain early, warm afternoon                                
Track:  Grass 394m
Commentator:  Ollie Wurm
Starters: Matthew Webster, Rob McIntosh
Wind Gauge:  Automatic
Photo Finish: Graeme Walker, Leah Macdonald
Results:  Nila Blennerhassett
Stewards:  Wally Meechan, Chris Brown, Brian Marantelli
Handicappers: Graeme Goldsworthy, Colin Lane, Darryl Nettleton

Starting positions on circle track

Athletes that are placed on the same handicap in a circle event.

The athlete closest to the line (on the same handicap ) is allowed no more than half a body width, from the line, unless the wider athletes permit.
Under no circumstances can the colour/number order be altered from the program.
Any athlete this is penalised for a false start must be placed to the outside of the new handicap.

Breaking in a heat or a semi final (and not progressing) is an automatic NAP, at best


General comments.

Jody Richards was queried after her heat of the Women’s 120m. Stewards advised Jody that she must run to her full ability to the finish.

Suz Sinclair was queried after her heat of the 300m Masters. Stewards were of the belief that Suz did not run hard to the finish line. Her run in the final showed more effort.

Julian Fawcett was permitted to scratch from the semi final of the Open Gift.

Cooper Smith, having his first start with the VAL, was advised of the correct protocol for racing under VAL rules.

Tim Potter failed to appear for his semi final of the Open Gift

Rachel Jackson failed to appear for her semi final of the Women’s gift.

Isabella Antonino was extremely late for her semi final of the Women’s Gift.


70m Open: Ali Assaad (brk), Tom Templeton (brk),Peter Biggs

120m Women's: Nicole Maher (brk), Isabella Antonino, Rachel Jackson

120m Open: Rupert Lugo, Luke Houlihan, Tim Potter, Stuart Rooke, Julian Fawcett, Kristerfer Kardakovski

300m Open: Nick Howard

300m Masters: Martin Barrow (brk), Peter O’Farrell

550m Open Tom Hecimovic, Jack Doderico, Jake Stevens

Bendigo 2018-19
Geelong 2018-19
Keilor 2018-19
Ballarat 2018-19
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Castlemaine 2018-19

Castlemaine 5th January 2019 ( Twilight)
Weather: Hot (day) Mild (night)
Track: Grass 394m
Commentator: Cartha McKerrow
Starters: Ian Sibson, Graeme Humphrey
Wind Gauge: Automatic
Photo Finish: Tom Burbidge, Andre Pereira
Results: Nila Blennerhassett
Stewards: Brian Marantelli, Wally Meechan
Handicappers: Graeme Goldsworthy, Colin Lane, Darryl Nettleton, Andrew McDowell


General Comments

Track Allowance: 120m 0.1 second     70m  0.05 second

Runners please note, breaking in a heat or a semi final (and not progressing) is an automatic NAP, at best.

Lachlan Sheffield withdrew from the final of the 70m, due to injury.

Graeme Armstrong was permitted to use a standing start for all  sprint events this season.

Alice Platten was permitted to wear flats.

Holberry was permitted to scratch from the final of the 400m



70m Open: Nicholas Antonino (brk), Patrick McCarthy (brk), Lachlan Sheffield (inj), Lauren Keating.

800m Open: Nathan Crowley

120m Open: Liam Dooley (inj), Mason Keast, Hamish Adams,

120m Women's:  Lauren Keating

120m Masters: Julian Fawcett (brk)

400m Open: Anthony Holberry (inj)


Update on Marborough  1/1/2019

Over the final stages of the Maryborough 300m Steven Coulsen was checked by Andrew Wilcox who drifted down closer to the inside of the track.

Maryborough 2018-19
Marysville 2018-19
Waverley 2018-19
Terang 2018-19
Warrnambool 2018-19

Warrnambool 1st  December 2018          
Weather:  Warm, very wind                                    
Track:  Grass 400m
Commentator:  Cartha McKerrow
Starters:  Rob McIntosh , Graeme Humphrey
Wind Gauge:  Automatic
Photo Finish:   Tom Burbidge
Results:  Nila Blennerhassett
Stewards:  Brian Marantelli
Handicappers:  Graeme Goldsworthy, Colin Lane, Darryl Nettleton, Andrew McDowell


General comments

Runners please note, breaking in a heat or a semi final (and not progressing) is an automatic NAP, at best.
Athletes must submit PB’s to the VAL, VAL rules 11.18, 11.19, 11.20, 11.21, 11.22, 11.23

Due to the swirling nature of the wind the following allowances were made for the straight track:
70m:  0.05 seconds
120m:  0.1 seconds

Heat 2 of the 300m was conducted after the completion of  the last heat due to a timing failure.

Carl McMeel was injured in the final of the 300m

Robert Keenan did not complete his heat of the 300m due to injury


120m Open: Nicholas Antonino

120m Women's: Stephanie Jinks (brk)

70m Open: Nicholas Antonino; Nicholas Berry (brk)

550m Open: Craig Harris

120m Masters: Richard Norris (brk0


Meadowglen 2018-19
Hastings 2018-19