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Entries for December 2017

The Stawell lift has now been applied to the Frankston Gift and added to the original publication.   posted on October 26, 2017 The VAL will again guarantee winners of the selected 100/120m races in Victoria an automatic lift for the 2018 Stawell Gift.   The athlete m...

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The Victorian Athletic League have made an amendment to rule 6.16 on page 24 of the VAL Regulations. The regulation now reads: "Where an athletes rating, or cumulative penalties, results in a mark less than scratch, the handicapper is permitted to allocate a negative handicap. A n...

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01 Dec

The Terang Athletic Club Terang Gift is going ahead as planned on Sunday. The weather forecast for Sunday should be manageable at the venue. However, those traveling to the meeting on Saturday or Sunday morning from the Melbourne area should plan ahead and allow plenty of time as there maybe be floo...

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