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Stewards Report - Warragul 13/12/2014

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Victorian Athletic League

Steward’s report

Warragul    13/12/2014  

Weather     Hot                                       Track Grass

Commentator      Travis Noonan

Starters                Gary Mahon     Pam Noden

Finishing equipment   Sue Dunbar, Nila Blennerhassett

Stewards   Brian Marantelli, Wally Meechan

Handicappers   Graeme Goldsworthy, Darryl Nettleton, Kim McDonough, Neale Gunning

General comments


(1)    In heat one of the Warragul Gift, stewards queried athlete Murray Goodwin. Goodwin appeared to ease over the final 15 metres after taking the lead in the heat. This resulted in Goodwin being narrowly beaten into second place. He was advised that all athletes must run through to the finish line to the best of their ability. He subsequently made the gift final.

(2)    Novice athlete Sam Grouios failed, initially, to attend the start of the 400 metres sportzbiz final. After announcements were made over the public address he arrived and explained, he  was unaware that he had made the final. Both Sam and coach Terry McGarity were reminded of their responsibilities in this regard.

 All athletes must be aware of VAL rule 11.17.

(3)    Steward Brian Marantelli and Sprint handicapper Graeme Goldsworthy spoke to sprinter Kevin Brittain regarding his performance at Northcote the previous week. After running second in a classic event at the Gold Coast on Saturday Kevin failed to progress past the heat stage in the Northcote Gift.  Kevin’s explanation was accepted but he was reminded that better performances on a more consistent basis were expected from him this season.

(4)    Athlete Robert Adin failed to finish his heat of the 300 metres due to injury. Robert is stood down from VAL competition for 28 days. He can reduce this period to 14 days with the appropriate medical certificate.

(5)    The Harper Group 400 metre Women’s race was run as a final only, due to scratchings.

(6)    After making the gift final athlete Cameron Moss sought and gained permission to compete in his heat of the open 300 metres. Stewards reasoned that as the eighth fastest qualifier it was not an unreasonable request.

(7)    VAL stewards have opened an inquiry into interference in the final stages of the Zatopek 300 metres on Thursday night.



Jonathon Rogers 

Warragul prize money not collected, see Brian Marantelli

Blake Bailey, Sam Grouios, Ash Sandison, Troy Atkins, Rhys Gillson, Murray Goodwin