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Stewards Report - Warrnambool 29/11/2014

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Victorian Athletic League

Steward’s report

South Warrnambool Football Club at Warrnambool    29/11/2014              

Weather     Hot, Windy                                       Track Grass

Commentator      Cartha McKerrow

Starters                SAC;  Maurice Campbell, Rob McIntosh, Graeme Humphrey.

Wind Gauge       Tom Burbidge

Finishing equipment   Sue Dunbar, Nila Blennerhassett

Stewards   Brian Marantelli,

Handicappers   Graeme Goldsworthy, Neale Gunning, Kim McDonough, Darryl Nettleton

General comments

Extremely windy, (tail wind sprint events). Track downhill from finish to 300m and uphill final 150m             


(1)    Several runners, having qualified for later semi finals and finals, approached the  stewards/handicappers asking for permission to run in unrelated events. Due to lack of entries this was allowed but it was impressed upon runners that it was a “once only” occurrence.

(2)Athletes Craig Foley (120mts), and  Carl McMeel (300m W/M) incurred injuries in their events.        They can compete in 28 days, or 14 days with the appropriate medical certificate.


300m Open

Nick Cross

Richard Brown

Dean Dobric

Andrew Drummond

Kyle Hilson


300m Women/Masters

Darren Arthur