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Trinity Gift Important Information

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Dear Athletes & Trainers,


Thank you for registering your entry to an event at the Trinity Gift.


You are privileged to be competing on such a pristine surface as is Trinity Grammar School fortunate to have many athletes use the ground for a VAL event. There will be a couple of requirements as outlined below:


1. All athlete warm ups will take place on the adjacent Hudson Oval, less than 100m from the Daley Oval on the other side of the pavilion. The quality of the warm up area is outstanding.


2. No athletes, coaches/trainers or spectators are to be on the infield of the Daley Oval, other than making your way to and from the start/finish line of your event or unless instructed by a VAL official.


3. All athlete, stable and spectator tents will also need to be kept under the trees or to the very outer edge of the main grass oval.


Weatherson Foods is kindly operating the canteen for the day and all change rooms will be open for athlete comfort. A number of sponsor tents will be set up and all patrons are encouraged to show their support. Free car parking is also available on site.


We thank you for your consideration and anticipate a great day for everyone who attends.



Kind regards,


Trinity Gift Organising Committee