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Zatopek information

Dear Athletes/Trainers


Important information for those competing at Zatopek this Thursday:


ALL ATHLETES ENTER VIA GATE 2 (nearest the finish line facing the lake).


6:00pm – 300m Heats

6:30pm – 70m Heats


7:45pm - 300m Final

8:40pm - 70m Final


  • Warm up for the 300m Heats can be done on the warm up track.

  • Warm up for the 70m Heats can be done on the eastern side of the grass infield.

  • Max. 6mm spikes must be used on the track.  6mm Spikes can be purchased at the VAL colours tent.

  • Due to a limited schedule, please ensure you change your spikes as soon as practicably possible between running the 300m and the 70m.

  • You can collect your colours from the VAL tent near the gate to the warm up track.

  • The colour tent is also the marshal point for VAL events.

  • 300m athletes will need to wear a hip number which will be provided to you at the colour tent.

  • Blocks and pegs will be provided for the 70m races.  These are brand new competition blocks that can be pegged into the ground.  You are not permitted to bring your own blocks.

  • No Marshalling is required for the 70m Heats.

  • Athletes in the 300m Heats are required to be at the 300m start line a few minutes prior to the scheduled run time.




  • Warm up for the 300m Final must be done on the warm up track or outside the venue.  Please allow time if you need to change your spikes.

  • Marshalling is required for both finals at the VAL colours tent. 

  • Finalists in the 70m will be required at the marshalling point at 8:15pm.  This final will be run during the first few laps of the Women’s 10k event.  You will be required to wear runners when being marshalled onto the infield.  Warm up for the 70m Final cannot be done on the infield.  Athletes will be permitted to do a couple of run throughs once the Women’s 10k is underway.  Please warm up on the warm up track or outside the venue.




Please direct any further queries to a VAL official or call (03) 8646 4545.