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Wanted: VAL Official Photographer

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Official Photographer - Victorian Athletic League

The Victorian Athletic League is looking to engage an individual in the role of Official Photographer.  This position is a seasonal contract with the VAL, beginning in November 2016 and ending in April 2017.  Our season fixture of events can be found here.

The VAL’s preference will be to contract with a single supplier for the provision of a solution to our photography needs.  Respondents are therefore encouraged to consider how they might collaborate and distinguish themselves best to secure this role with the VAL.

Minimum requirements:

The successful applicant will be required to provide a quality selection of the following groups of hi-resolution photos to the VAL after each meeting:

EVENT PHOTOS (approx. 20)

Finish of each race final

Presentation of each winner

Incorporation of major event sponsor/partner

CONTEXT PHOTOS (approx. 5)

          - On-field
          - Gates
          - Venue
          - Programs
          - Scenery
          - Signs


          - Blurred motion
          - Lanes ropes
          - Singlets etc.

Minimum total photos per event: 30

Terms & conditions

1.    The VAL reserve the right to edit, alter, distribute, sell, display all photos as provided by the person or company engaged as the official photographer.

2.    All (other) images as taken by the appointed photographer may be used for sale or advertising purposes.

3.    All travel is at the expense of the appointed photographer.

4.    If the appointed photographer cannot be present at a particular meeting, they must notify the VAL at least 24 hours prior to the event.


·         $120 per event (within 100km of Melbourne CBD)

·         $220 per event (exceeding 100km of Melbourne CBD)

·         Acknowledgement on the VAL website with link to the appointed person’s photography site.

·         Acknowledgement and promotion via VAL social media streams

If you wish to apply for the VAL Official Photographer, email your name, contact details and experience to and tell us why you would be the best photographer for us!  Applications close 30 October.