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Steward's Report - Ararat 14/03/2016

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Victorian Athletic League

Chief Stewards Report

Ararat 14/3/2016

Weather: Hot

Track: Grass

Straight: 120m

Circle: 400m

Change Rooms/Toilets:

Female Rooms, Toilets

Male Rooms, Toilets

Commentator: Terry McGarity 

Starters: Stawell Athletic Club

Wind Gauge: Sue Dunbar

Assistant stewards:

Handicappers: Graeme Goldsworthy, Darryl Nettleton, Neale Gunning

Video Operator: AJ Mac Donald

Recording and Finishing Camera: Nila Blennerhasset

Judges: Stawell Athletic Club

Club timekeeper


General Comments:

1.      Tim Rosen was permitted to scratch from the semi-final of the 120m Gift.