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Stewards Report - Trinity 14/2/2016

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Victorian Athletic League
Chief Stewards Report
Trinity 14/2/2016

Weather  Hot
Track   Grass
Straight   120mts
Circle  411mts
Change Rooms/Toilets
Female Rooms    Toilets
Male Rooms,     Toilets
Commentator,  Steph Mollica
Starters,     Bill Sutton, Brendan Ferrari
Wind Gauge, Automatic    
Assistant stewards,Wally Meecham
Handicappers,   Graeme Goldsworthy, Darryl Nettleton, Neale Gunning
Video Operator, Julieann MacDonald  
Recording and Finishing Camera, Nila Blennerhassett, Sue Dunbar, Perry Cohen, Michele Taylor, Brendan Bailey, Colin Lane
Club timekeeper, John Henry

General Comments.
(a) Adam Todorov failed to finish in heat five of the 70m, due to injury.
(b) Adrian Fury failed to finish his heat of the 300m, due to injury.
(c) Due to timing problems heat four of the open 400m was restarted twice and then postponed and run after the final heat.
(d) Both the Women's and Open 120m Gift finals were hand timed with no wind adjustment.

Women's 120m Gift, Brienna Musgrave, Tamara Hamond, Michelle Cockerell
300m, Meg Deane, Karoline Curtis, Celia Cosgriff, Sarah Cotchett
400m Open, Chris Barmham, Chad Ryan, Lawrence Coop, David Haigh, Tim Halphin