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Stewards Report - Ballarat 6-7/02/2016

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Victorian Athletic League
Chief Stewards Report
Ballarat 6&7/2/2016

Weather  Hot
Track      Grass
Straight   120mts
Circle  400mts
Change Rooms/Toilets
Female Rooms    Toilets
Male Rooms,     Toilets
Commentator,   Cartha McKerrow
Starters,      Rob McIntosh, Graeme Humphrey
Wind Gauge,     Sue Dunbar
Assistant stewards
Handicappers,   Graeme Goldsworthy, Darryl Nettleton, Neale Gunning
Video Operator,   AJ MacDonald
Recording and Finishing Camera,Nila Blennerhasset, Sue Dunbar
Judges,Ballarat Athletic Club
Club timekeeper, Stan Schaper

General Comments.
(a) Steve Blacker was incorrectly informed that he was in a later heat of the Open 70mts. Steve was permitted to fill a vancancy in the final heat. Athletes are reminded that it is their own responsibility to be at the start line for their correct heat.
(b)Nick Martin failed to finish the second heat of the 800mts, due to injury.
(c)Craig Foley eased up over the concluding stages of the sixth heat of the Open Gift, due to cramping.
(d)Andrew Drummond eased up over the concluding stages of heat three of the women's/Masters 120mts, due to injury.
(e)There was a handicap allowance of .1 second for the open 70mts due to the downhill nature of the 70m track.

120mts Gift, Craig Foley,Isaac Dunmall,Rhys Parkinson, Dale Lyons, Michael Voumard,Daniel Sonsini,Lachlan Taylor, Andrew Robinson, Steven Blacker, Luke Houlihan, Shane Woodrow
120m Womens Gift; Nadeen Brown, Loryn Savoia,Anne Fiedler, Tara Domaschenz, Laura Jane Hilditch,Jennifer Osman,Talia Martin,Megan McMahon.
120mts Women's/Masters, Andrew Drummond,Sonya Pollard,
800mts, Nick Martin,
400mts Open, Nick Howard

Reversal of previous NAPs
Wangaratta Masters/Women 300mts; Martin Barrow