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Steward's Report - Yarra Ranges 31/01/16

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Victorian Athletic League

Chief Stewards Report

Yarra Ranges 31/1/2016

Weather: Hot

Track: Synthetic

Straight: 100m

Circle: 400m

Change Rooms/Toilets:

Female Rooms, Toilets

Male Rooms, Toilets

Commentator: Grant Penney

Starters: Bill Sutton, Brendan Ferrari

Wind Gauge:

Assistant stewards:

Handicappers: Graeme Goldsworthy and Darryl Nettleton

Video Operator: AJ MacDonald 

Recording and Finishing Camera: Nila Blennerhasset, and Sue Dunbar

Judges: Yarra Ranges Club

Club timekeeper: John Henry

General Comments:

1.    Sandor Kazi failed to finish in heat six of the 70m, due to injury

2.    David Page failed to finish the final of the 550m, due to injury


70m Women; Sonya Pollard

70m Open; Rupert Lugo, Sandor Kazi

100m Women's/Masters; Jeff Sargent, Sonya Pollard, Brendan Boyle, Steven Coulson

100m Open; Jason Bailey, Chris Diegan, Benjamin Farrell, Charlie Moran

300m Women's; Kirrly Burnett

550m Open; David Page


100m Open; Vic Sharma