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  1. Adjusted Times will be used for both handicapping and progressions through heats, semis and finals.
  2. Updated VAL and Handicapping Regulations - These updates can be found here. All changes for the coming season are outlined in red.
  3. Age based races (Junior/Masters) - Athletes MUST be below the age restriction on the day of competition.
  4. Major Handicapping change (Stawell Gift)
    The 2016 Stawell Gift will see the introduction of an automatic lift for athletes that win the following 100/120 metre events in the VAL throughout the 2015/2016 season.

The lift will be added to the handicap the athlete won the event from and will apply only to the Stawell Gift.

If the lift takes the athlete under the ceiling time of 12.25, the athlete will be handicapped to the ceiling time.

This “automatic lift” clause will not apply to athletes that win more than one gift event in season 2015/16, regardless of the state. An athlete that wins more than one gift throughout the season be handicapped in accordance with the Handicap Regulations.

All athletes that do not qualify under this clause will be handicapped in accordance with the Handicap regulations.  

Handicap limits apply.

The automatic lifts are:

Warrnambool Gift 1 metre
Terang Gift 1 Metre
Northcote Gift 1 metre
Daylesford Gift 0.5 metre
Rye Gift 0.5 metre
St Albans Gift 0.5 metre
Wangaratta Gift 0.5 metre
Maribyrnong Gift 0.5 metre
Ringwood 100m 0.5 metre
Yarra Ranges 100m 0.5 metre
Trinity Gift 0.5 metre
Geelong Gift 0.5 metre
Euroa Gift 0.25 metre
Bendigo 120 0.25 metre
 Ararat Gift 0.50 metre 

Handicap Review procedures
  1. All handicap queries, reviews and appeals will now be available via the ‘Athlete Profile’ section on the website shortly.
  2. Athletes can submit 2 free handicap challenges during each season.
  3. If the result of a query is successful, the athlete will retain their handicap challenge.  If the query proves to be frivolous, the athlete loses one of the free challenges.
  4. Once the athlete has no challenges remaining, they must submit a formal handicap review at a cost of $50
  5.  If the athlete is still unhappy or believes their handicap to be incorrect, they may submit a formal Handicap Appeal at a cost of $200 (Stawell Gift $500).  The appeal will be heard by an independent panel.