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JANUARY 2022 NEWSLETTER - Vale John Holloway

VALE John Holloway 

The Victorian Athletic League express their sincere condolences on the passing of VAL life member John Holloway.

A great supporter of the VAL and great friend to many, John was a VAL Steward for over 15 years.

John was well known to many in our sport, having grown up in Stawell, pro running was always close to his heart.

We send our condolences to his daughter Kim McDonough who is a current and long serving VAL member.

John will be truly missed.

Sending all our love & thoughts to his wife Judy and his children Timothy and Kim.

Rest In Peace 🌹

COVID-19 ALERT: St Albans Gift

The VAL has been advised that a positive COVID-19 case attended the St Albans Gift on Saturday 15th of January. The attendee did not have symptoms and tested positive on Monday 17th, but is considered infectious up to two days prior to a positive test. No one at the event is considered a close contact, however we encourage all that attended to monitor for symptoms and not attend Wangaratta if you're feeling unwell in any way.

Please be reminded that this is why we have COVID protocols in place, maintaining the health of all Officials and Stewards is paramount to the reminder of the season proceeding.

  • Maintain 1.5m social distance.
  • Refrain from physical contact with others (Inc. hand shakes, fist bumps).
  • Wear a mask in all indoor settings or where social distance cannot be maintained.
  • Final photos should be spaced out, athletes are discouraged from putting there arms around each other.
  • Please be aware of how many people are sitting in your team/squad marquee and space out where possible.
  • Runners and Trainers are the only people allowed on the infield and this should be limited to warming up and competing.  Anyone outside of Runners and Trainers will be requested to leave the infield. Whilst we understand stablemates want to be infield to watch finals, in the current climate we request that you remain on the outside of the track to maintain our CovidSafe protocols. Please share this with your family and supporters.
  • Sanitation stations will be set up at the sprint start, the circle finish and the presentation dais for all to use.


Athletes are required to check in for all races - heats, semis and finals.

Checking it at the Colour Tent allows the us to confirm your singlet is appropriate and will be clear on photo finish, it also helps the photo finish team immensely in knowing how many people to expect and account for in the race.


The Colour Tent has accumulated a large quantity of lost property from both last season and this season - if you believe you left something behind at a meet, please see Julianne at the Colour Tent.

The VAL van is not big enough to keep carting it all around - any unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of March.


All VAL Club committee members and volunteers/assistants on race day, over the age of 18, are required to hold a valid Working With Children Check (WWCC - DO I NEED A CHECK ).

Volunteer WWCC are free and can be obtained APPLY HERE

Clubs should maintain a WWCC record of all committee/volunteers involved, a useful spreadsheet can be downloaded HERE (the WWCC Status Checker spread sheet will identify if a person's card is still valid for you).