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Warrnambool Gift Saturday 4th December 2021

The Warrnambool Gift Committee are excited to announce their event will be held on Saturday 4th December 2021 at Friendly Societies Park in South Warrnambool.

After a year of uncertainty the committee are humbled and buoyed by the support and generosity of their sponsors. This has allowed us to either retain or increase prizemoney for the coming event.  

It is fantastic to see additional businesses complement our much appreciated event stalwarts.  Current VAL athletes Shane Quinn - Quintessential Equity  and  VAL legend Les Williams are among those.

After an increase of 88 entries on the previous year the VAL have again issued us with the two tick benefit for each event you compete in to time satisfaction. This is an enormous incentive to make the trip down the Princes Highway and is a wonderful initiative by the governing body for which we are extremely grateful.

We are including a 1600m Age Graded event to accompany the 300m aged graded event which has been going for three years. We believe for the VAL to prosper in an ever evolving climate there needs to be new initiatives. While the support for the 300m has been reasonable the lack of Open Age athletes is a concern. For those not sure the handicaps are against the world record time for your age. World Athletics decree that the scratch mark is for males 18 to 30 years of age, so as not to disadvantage women their handicaps are set against the male open records. Both of these events will be the last two races on the program. We are scheduling the Open 1600m early in the program to enable the distance athletes to compete in both.

Board member Tim Mason has been going north for the last few years to stage Indigenous Races for athletes and the winners have journeyed down for the Parkdale and Stawell Gifts.

We are supporting this project ‘ Spirit of Sprinting’ and will be conducting Male and Female 100m events for 14 years and above for Indigenous athletes.

If you know any interested athletes please contact as per below.

If you need any information re: The meeting or accommodation contact myself Richard Wearmouth: 0400 189 498 or our Secretary Gill Hayden: 0428 611 652