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Spring is here, but the feeling of excitement I normally have at this time of the year is clouded by the restrictions still facing Victorians, and those of us that live in Melbourne.
The VAL is committed, to the best of our ability, to bring racing to you in the 2020/2021 season. It might not look or feel as it has in the past, but we know how important training and racing is to our community and we aim to work with our clubs, trainers and stakeholders (and within the government guidelines) to make something happen this season. We appreciate your patience during this time.
Like all sporting organisations, the VAL has not been immune to the financial impact of the pandemic. We have set up a 'COVID Relief Fund' to support the ongoing racing opportunities for the season ahead and to maintain the competition at most optimal level possible. 
A reminder to check in with the people you love, be they family, friends or colleagues. Send a message, email or call them and ask if they are ok. If anyone is experiencing negative feelings, there is help available.


With the release of the Victorian Government 'roadmap', the VAL is continuing to reshape the 2020-21 season. The league can confirm that no traditional club events will occur until January. However, if permitted the league will run smaller events leading into the regular established meetings.
Due to the impacts of the pandemic, Daylesford, Keilor and Terang join Maryborough in deferring their return to competition until the 2021-22 season. With meetings including Parkdale, Ballarat, Hastings, Geelong AND MORE all confirmed for this season, there’s still plenty of racing to come. In addition, the VAL is looking at options to run more smaller events in the lead up and during the season if permitted. All options are being considered to ensure a strong season.

The VAL 'Pandemic Plan' for athletes, coaches and clubs is well into development and the league will require cooperation from all on race day with potential changes to racing formats being a reality. The season will likely be different but the VAL is looking forward to an exciting year of racing.

Registration fees are currently being assessed and we will be looking to open registration as soon as the State Government restrictions permit us to compete.


Since the pandemic took hold over 6 months ago, several community sports clubs across Australia remain closed. Many will find it hard to survive.

The financial impact of COVID-19 has devastated Australian sport—particularly to the Victorian community and club sports that rely on membership fees and local sponsorships to keep the lights on. The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) provides a way for the community to make tax deductible donations to their chosen sporting organisation.

The VAL will allocate all funds raised via the ASF towards maintaining the most optimal level of competition possible for the 2020-21 season.

Find out more about the VAL Covid Relief Fund here



The VAL community directory was developed as a result of Covid-19. It was created to help the pro running collective support each other through challenging times, and beyond. If you're a member of the the VAL and have a service or product you would like to make visible and available to the VAL community, let us know! In addition, we would like to further support any sponsors that have supported the clubs over the years, so feel free to contact them or supply the information to us yourself. Check out who's on the VAL directory here