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People of Pro Running is a series of short stories created by David Griffin. The stories showcase the wide variety of characters that travel and compete on the VAL circuit. We are hoping to release another series in the lead up to the 2020-21 season, and in particular we'd like to see more female contributors. If you would like to submit you own story, please forward it to David Griffin


Episode 1 - Richard Wearmouth
Episode 2 - David Haigh
Episode 3 - Narelle Lehmann
Episode 4 - David Woods
Episode 5 - Rupert Lugo
Episode 6 - Cam Dunbar
Episode 7 - Craig Rollinson
Episode 8 - John Dalziel
Episode 9 - Matt Rizzo
Episode 10 - Dean Capobianco
Episode 11 - Tara Domaschenz
Episode 12 - Jamie Baulch
Episode 13 - Sue Anderson
Episode 14 - Peter Biggs