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28 FEBRUARY 2020


So here we are at the pointy end of the season! Tonight is the Frankston Gift, being held under lights, and I was reminded earlier this week with my son celebrating Pancake Tuesday at school that there is only 6 weeks until Easter. Speaking of Easter, hopefully many of you saw the recent media release from the Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events, Martin Pakula which sees a $1.22 million dollar support package over the next four years as part of the agreement between the Stawell Athletic Club, the Northern Grampians Shire Council and the State Government. This is fantastic news and I am sure that everyone is looking forward to a great Stawell Gift weekend. Check out the article here if you haven’t seen it.
I have been at a few races recently and I want to thank the people that have been coming up to me or emailing me offering suggestions and ideas for how we can improve the sport. Soon I will be putting a short survey together with questions that have come out of many of the discussions that I have had this season and last season. As the VAL has so many members, I cannot talk with you all, but I hope many of you will complete the survey to have input into improving the athlete/trainer/spectator/club experience.
Finally, I want to draw your attention to the recent (and upcoming) radio coverage that the VAL has! Thanks to Click on Rentals – the VAL has an 11 week presence on SEN at 8.40pm every Tuesday night until Stawell. This segment that we are running is a way to introduce pro-running to the SEN community and hopefully drum up some interest and more members. Tune in yourself but more importantly, tell your friends, family, work mates, school mates, uni mates, neighbours and the person that makes your morning coffee to tune in too!
Happy racing!


Don't forget to listen in to SEN every Monday evening from 8:40pm for your pro running fix!

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These are the final entries for the 2019-20 season. Don't miss out. Enter now!


STAWELL closes Wednesday 4 March - Enter here

BERWICK closes Friday 28 February - Enter here

RINGWOOD closes Friday 6 March - Enter here



A reminder to all athletes and trainers on field that you must be seated during ALL circle races. All finals are filmed and we want to provide the best video and view we can for all spectators and other athletes. Anyone ignoring this rule will be subject to fines. Spectators are not permitted on the field at any time.



Free all day parking for the Geelong Gift is available at the Deakin University car park on Smythe St, just 2 minutes walk from the track. Please park in the WHITE-LINED parking spaces only.

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Entries to the 139th running of the Stawell Gift will close on Wednesday 4 March.

All entries should receive email confirmations from the VAL and PayPal. You can also check your entries via the 'Check my entries' button on your Athlete Profile page. You must be logged in to access this page.

Please ensure you double check your entries are correct.



By Dominic "The Enforcer" Condello

This is what running means to me.
Running makes me feel like I can fly
It calms me , it allows me to think, it fixes all my problems, it allows all of the beauty in my mind come to the surface
You cannot hide when you run, everything is up to you.. The proof of who I am comes out when I run..
Running shows every flaw , every success, every backward step, every forward stride, it shows resilience, patience, cowardice, strength, weakness, character, it levels you, it brings you down to earth, it lifts you above the stars
Running is the great leveller that truthfully shows where you are.. It knows when you are not training, it shows when you drink too much , it shows when you eat badly, running sees inside you
With running you cannot hide behind a superior team mate, an unlucky bouncing ball, a dodgy umpiring decision .. running tells the truth
I am just a good average runner who is able to produce a good run every now and then , Elite runners run well every time, they look smooth , they glide, they look light, they are in another place, but what running does for a good average runner like myself is improve..
Running will always allow you to improve.. You can improve your times, your speed, your endurance, your strength of body, mind and character, you can improve something about yourself from one day to the next, you can do this exponentially forever, you are never beaten when you run because you are running against no one except yourself
It's not just the elite that can fly, it's all of us... all we need to do is run... all we need to do is look inside ourselves see who we truly are and running will improve everything.
Running will make you feel like you can fly
Running is like life but just that little bit more fun
This is my forth season of pro running, I have only become competitive these last two years, and have been lucky enough to win two sashes and over 20 finals
But that is the beauty of our sport anybody can be competitive if they try , be patient and believe in themselves