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You know the track season is getting close when daylight savings is almost here and you no longer need to start and finish a night time track session in the dark! The VAL registrations are open and we look forward to welcoming you back to the season. 

September saw the annual awards night take place, which is wholly run and conducted by the Victorian Runners and Trainers Association (VRTA). Congratulations to the athletes, trainers and clubs who won an award at this VRTA event. 
Returning to the pro running calendar this year is the South Australian Mt Gambier gift. I managed to make a road trip once to Mt Gambier while I was racing and it was a fantastic gift meeting. The VAL encourage Victorian athletes to get across the border to this meeting which is back after a number of years off the calendar. 
That is all from me - happy training - and see you at the track soon.


Registration for the 2019-20 season is now open! Share these videos and get your friends and family along this season.

What is the Victorian Athletic League? Jason Richardson explains it in this video:

New to the VAL? Watch this video to get some helpful tips before your first race:


If you experience an 'Date of Birth' error when completing your registration renewal, please contact us and we will fix the issue immediately. We apologise for any inconvenience. 


The aim of the sub committees is to assist the board in implementing the new strategic plan. We are looking for people with an interest in helping to progress the sport. The time commitment may include attendance at a meeting or getting together on race days to work through some ideas for growing and developing our sport. Below are the areas from the strategic plan we are looking for help with and the specific skill sets. 
  • Membership - specifically growing membership
  • Marketing & Communications - creative skills (photoshop etc) 
  • Technology & Infrastructure - business analyst skills 
  • Governance & Financial - writing policies and assisting with sponsorship proposals 
  • Handicapping & Stewarding - legal and regulation skills 

If you'd like to contribute in some way, get in touch today!


The VAL will apply a handicap lift for Open Stawell Gift and Women's Stawell Gift to the athletes winning handicap for the below races.

Lift's for each selected race will be advertised in next months newsletter.

The below eligibility criteria applies:

  • The athlete must not break net time in the win.
  • A second win over the 100/120m distance  will deem the athlete ineligible for the lift.
  • The lift will be added to the athletes winning handicap for the Stawell Gift races only. Standard penalties apply for all other races.
  • In receiving this lift, athletes will not be handicapped to a mark that places them beyond their ceiling handicap. More information on ceiling times can be found within the Handicap Regulations.
  • To be eligible for the lift, the athlete must not break the distance ceiling time in the win.
  • A handicap lift that places the athlete under the ceiling target time will not be applied.
  • An athlete will not receive a handicap that exceeds 2m from their season start mark.
  • Athletes that are allocated a UP (Unacceptable Performance) during the season may not automatically qualify for the lift in the Stawell Gift. This will be at the stewards discretion.
  • All athletes both male and female must have competed at least once in Victoria over the 100/120m distance in the last 2 seasons, or have a handicap less than the novice handicap to be eligible for the Stawell lift.
  • Interstate female athletes must have competed in a VAL event within the past 2 seasons or have an initial handicap of the novice mark or less.
  • An win in an Open 100/120m race by a female excludes her from any lift in the Stawell Women's Gift.
More information on ceiling and target times can be found in the VAL Handicapping Regulations.


The VAL is assisting the South Australian Athletic League to put on a fantastic event at MT GAMBIER on Saturday 7 December. Stay tuned for more details over the coming months.

The VAL are seeking an expression of interest from athletes who are interested in transport services to and from Mt Gambier. If you are interested in travelling with fellow athletes on some organised transport, please let us know so we can investigate further.


This season we're bringing you more information about local events that are happening near each of our events. There's plenty of local experiences just around the corner!

As we've mentioned, the Mt Gambier gift is making a comeback and the VAL is supporting the promotion of it. If you are thinking of making the trip across, grab some fellow athletes and make a weekend of it. Consider visiting the Blue Lake and other attractions that Mt Gambier has to offer.


In an effort to increase participation at the Warrnambool meeting, all athletes that run acceptable performances in each event will receive 2 x AP's (ticks). For more information about Acceptable Performances (AP's), see the Handicapping Regulations.


The closing date for the first event is creeping closer...

Entries into the season opener at HASTINGS are now open! Entries will close on Friday 1 November.


The VAL are seeking a sponsor for all our Under 14 races this season. We're looking for a person or business to contribute to sashes and other prizes or vouchers for our budding young sprint stars. 

If you're keen to support these races or would like to find out more, call or email us today!
(03) 8646 4545

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