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Steward's Report - VRTA 2015

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Victorian Athletic League

Chief Steward's Report

Carnival: VRTA

Date: 15/11/2015

Weather: Warm, windy                                         

Track condition: Synthetic, lanes                                           

Track: Circular, 200m Gift conducted in lanes

Commentators: Grant Penney

Starters: Brendan Ferrari and Bill Sutton

Wind gauge: Brendan Bailey

Assistant Stewards:    

Handicappers: G. Goldsworthy, D. Nettleton and N. Gunning

Video Operator

Judges: VRTA committee

Timekeepers: John Henry

General comments:

1.    Celia Cosgriff was permitted to scratch from the final of the 550m after making the final of the women's 200m. Celia was advised that in future this will no longer be permitted

2.    Casey Moore failed to complete the 800m under 20s, no action taken


200m women's: Celia Cosgriff, Tierra Exum

550m Open: Tom Hecimovic, Celia Cosgriff

300m Masters: Tom Hecimovic