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Two weeks before Easter, the Ringwood Professional Athletic Club is staging its 40th carnival highlighted by the richest 400 metre event for the season. The $7,500 prizemoney for the 400 metre Gift is supported by a large card with a total of $16,500 on offer including the $2,000 Judy Morgan Memorial 100 metre women’s event. All events except the 400m Gift are penalty-free for this year’s Stawell carnival.

First run in 1978 when Brian Rushmeyer won the inaugural 200m Gift at Proclamation Park, the carnival is testament to the hard work of the club’s lifetime president, Brian Morgan. Now 90 years old, Brian continues to be the active force behind the Ringwood Gift by arranging the venue, logistics sponsors and all that is needed to conduct a successful carnival.

The Ringwood committee was keen to make the 40th carnival a memorable event and rallied together to ensure the prizemoney was worthy of the milestone. More particularly, the committee wanted the carnival to be a testament to the outstanding contribution that Brian Morgan has made to the sport of professional athletics over many years.

Brian and his late wife Judy have been instrumental in bringing many athletes to the sport since they established the Ringwood Professional Athletic Club in 1976. While Brian has had his share of big race winners including Rod Lewis’s 1994 Stawell Gift triumph, he is proud of the achievements of all of his athletes, taking particular joy when one of his athletes won their first race, be it in a novice or a big Gift.

As a Life Member of the VAL, the league is hoping to make the 40th carnival a memorable occasion for Brian as recognition of his hard work and dedication to the sport. Current and past runners are invited to show their appreciation and join Brian in celebrating this milestone.

Some of Brian’s past runners and RPAC members (apologies to those not listed)

Adam Corr Dale Reeves Ian Munro Paul Muhlhan
Adam Hasset Damien Matsen Ian Warman Peter Campbell
Alan Murphy Damien McCormack James Thompson Peter Emerson
all the Morgans David Brown Jamie Findlay Peter Harrington
Andrew Dempster David Gill Jarrod Field Peter McPhee
Andrew Whelan David Taualli Jarrod Meagher Phil Lascaris
Andrew Wicks David West Jenny MacGibbon Phil Weeks
Archie Brown Dennis Clark Jim Horne Ray Brunton
Arthur McCarthy Doug Muir John Bigelow Ray Demsack
Barry Cummins Fin Taualli John Colman Rick Dunbar
Bob Hendy Gary Barker John Coulsell Rob Galli
Bob Moloney Gary Crole John Decoite Robert Schreiber
Bob Triplow Gavin Upton John Knott Rod Lewis
Bob Woodbridge Geoff Childs John O'Lochlan Ron McLeod
Brad Dymond Geoff Whitehead Keith Noden Ron Pierce
Brad Miers Graeme Dempster Ken Dixon Rowan Dean
Brendan Murphy Graeme Hancock Kevin Fisher Sean Toohey
Brett Dunne Graeme Hoggan Kevin O'Neill Simon Clifford
Brian Hamilton Helmut Prentler Leanne Kirk Simon Finch
Charlie Van Leuverden Ian Armstrong Mandy Emmet Stephen Barker
Chris Kuchel Ian Clark Marty Hill Stephen Johnson
Chris Pattison Ian Jeffries Murray Coleman Stephen Riddell
Colin Barnard Ian McCarthy Neil May Stephen White
Cory McGrath Neil Brydson Nev Hartcher Stuart Manson
Craig Folino Neil Clark Paul Burnett Terry Clark
Phil Carey Simon Carey Troy Carey Leigh Clarke
Jeromie Smith Mick Willis Mark Glassborow