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From the Warrnambool Gift Committee...

The Warrnambool Gift meeting is changing in a number of ways this year with the Gift to be held at the Friendly Societies Park [South Warrnambool Football/Netball ground].

A group of Warrnambool people involved in the VAL are running the event for the first time and there has been a considerable cost in purchasing equipment. The committee plan in future to make this meeting one that provides excellent prizemoney and valued events. 

Even so there is a considerable increase in prizemoney with the Mens Gift and Womens Gift both worth $2,500. Hopefully this will provide an increase in entries this year.

We are trialling a new event, an aged graded handicap which in horse racing lingo would be a weight for age event. The race over 300m has set handicaps which are set by  World Masters Athletics with the base mark the open mens world record. An example using a the 100m record of 9.58 [Usain Bolt] which covers ages men 18 – 33years which is the scratch mark. Looking at age records you will see a 40yo male is 10.33. You divide the 9.58 by 10.33 which is .927 so by moving the decimal point a couple of places you conclude the 40yo can run 92.7 metres in 9.58 to have them finishing level the 40yo [rounding up] will receive 7 metres advantage. Same principal applies to 300m. Womens marks are calculated from the mens world records, as otherwise they would be disadvantaged.

This race is open to all female and male registered VAL athletes and is penalty free.

The bonus $500 is back for any athlete that can win at both Warrnambool and Terang. If there is more than one winner the prizemoney will be split.

As with all other clubs we rely heavily on sponsorship. These are the very generous accommodation, eateries and fuel sponsors that support us.

Olde Maritime Best Western, Tudor Inn Best Western, Raglan Motor Inn & W’Bool Holiday Village.

Rafferty’s Tavern, Fish Tales, Clovelly Restaurant, The Flying Horse, The Cally Hotel   

BP Noseda Petroleum and BP Matthews Petroleum.