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Officials wanted!

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The VAL is currently seeking officials for the below positions. All roles are remunerated and are complimented with the appropriate training.

  • Handicappers - Are you interested in a particular distance or category? We'd love to hear from you. Help us provide a level playing field by showcasing your superior observation and assessment skills. Remuneration is based on the number of categories and athletes handicapped.
  • Stewards - We're looking for individuals with good people skills and a keen eye for athletics to help facilitate the regulations on race days. 
  • Photo Finish Operators - Are you good with technology, particularly camera's and PC's? Join our photo finish team and capture every race with the best view on the field!
  • Results Operators - This data entry role requires attention to detail and a close eye for
    numbers. You will be responsible for the input of results and producing semi and final draws using our easy to manage program.

  • Starters - Do you have steady hands and an eagle eye? We'd be happy to train you up to become an official starter. All training, registration and equipment costs are covered.

For more information or to apply for a position, please call Tom on (03) 8646 4545 or email