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What is the VRTA?

The Victorian Runners & Trainers Association (VRTA) Committee was established to act as the voice for the athletes and trainers of the Victorian Athletic League (VAL) in providing representation, support and information.

Member Benefits:

  • Representation at all VAL Steward enquiries
  • Support and guidance for appeals to the Board of the VAL
  • Support to help you negotiate the handicap review process
  • Support and guidance for any VAL related issues concerning you
  • Representation for you (the athletes and trainers) on the VAL Board
  • The Presentation Night, also organised by the VRTA

Who is on the VRTA Committee for the 2015-2016 season?

The committee consists of athletes & trainers who donate their time and includes:

  • John Henry: President
  • Rick Dunbar: Vice-President
  • Katie Moore: Secretary
  • Angela Wilson: Co-opted Treasurer
  • Committee members:
Arron Downes Todd Ireland
Peter O'Dwyer David Haigh
Celia Cosgriff  

What we do- What you might not know:

1. We provide support and representation for the runners and trainers of the VAL

  • If you are called in by the VAL stewards for any reason, we can represent you in discussions with the stewards and explain any relevant rules
  • We can support athletes at appeals to the Board of the VAL
  • We can help you negotiate the handicap review process
  • We can clarify rules that may concern you

2. We aim to act as a united voice for VAL athletes and trainers

  • We have a representative on the VAL Board and liaise directly with the VAL Board on relevant issues.
  • If there is ever anything concerning you or the wider VAL community, you can discuss the issue with the VRTA Committee. We will then liaise with the VAL Board, athletes, trainers and clubs where appropriate to negotiate the best outcome for you.

3. We provide sponsorship to clubs for races

If you have anything you would like to discuss with the VRTA Committee or require any further information, please email us at