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 TitleDescription Size
VAL Child Safe Code of ConductChild Safe Code of ConductDownload183.89 KB
VAL Child Safe PolicyChild Safe PolicyDownload226.07 KB
VAL Conflict of Interest PolicyVAL Conflict of Interest PolicyDownload134.72 KB
VAL ConstitutionVAL ConstitutionDownload462.76 KB
VAL Photography PolicyVAL Photography PolicyDownload152.23 KB
VAL Social Media PolicySocial Media PolicyDownload194.78 KB
VAL Unfavorable Weather PolicyVAL Unfavorable Weather PolicyDownload198.93 KB
Competition Regulations & Documents
 TitleDescription Size
Bonus Lift Incentives for Stawell Meeting23-24 Season as at 27.10.23 Interstate criteria updated.Download227.81 KB
Discipline Appeal ApplicationDiscipline Appeal ApplicationDownload12.40 KB
Race Day Protest ApplicationRace Day Protest ApplicationDownload12.57 KB
VAL Handicap Regulations23-24 Season as at 27.9.23Download743.02 KB
VAL Regulations23-24 Season as at 27.9.23Download1.07 MB
Annual Reports
 TitleDescription Size
2013 Annual Report2013 Annual ReportDownload1.48 MB
2014 Annual Report2014 Annual ReportDownload1.79 MB
2015 Annual Report2015 Annual ReportDownload1.61 MB
2016 Annual Report2016 Annual ReportDownload1.25 MB
2017 Annual Report2017 Annual ReportDownload2.41 MB
2018 Annual Report2018 Annual ReportDownload2.85 MB
2019 Annual Report2019 Annual ReportDownload1.78 MB
2020 Annual Report2020 Annual ReportDownload1.66 MB
2021 Annual Report2021 Annual ReportDownload802.00 KB
2022 Annual Report2022 Annual ReportDownload3.43 MB
2023 Annual Report2023 Annual ReportDownload6.08 MB
2024 Annual Report2024 Annual ReportDownload6.43 MB