Date Saturday 31st March, Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd April 2018
Venue Address Central Park, Main St, Stawell - MAP
Start Time 10.30am
Event Information Herb Hedemann 1600m Invitational is free entry for VAL registered athletes and $50 for non registered athletes. Accepted athletes will be invoiced.
Athletes entering the 400m FM or BM must enter according to the limit and their handicap. Athletes that enter the wrong race will be placed into the correct race and the balance of any entry fees will be adjusted accordingly 
Club Contact Wendy Hopwood
Phone (03) 5358 1326
Social Media  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram
Athlete Acceptance Open & Women's Gifts: 
Scratchings must be made in writing and delivered to the Stawell Athletic Club by no later than 7:00pm on Friday 14 April.
Any athlete that does not scratch from the Gift by this time will be regarded as accepted and will be competing.
200m Open:
Athletes must accept by the end of the 400m Heats on Easter Saturday. Heats will then be drawn and published for Sunday. Heats on Sunday will begin at approximately 4:30pm. If you do not accept, you will be deemed to have scratched from the race.
Phone: (03) 5358 1326

all race entry fees are non-refundable & non-transferable

Meeting Details

Entries close 21/02/2018

To enter races you must login and be a current athlete.

Masters = Athletes aged 35+
Open = Open to all athletes aged 14+
Women's = Open to females aged 14+
Under 17 to 20 = Must be under the age restriction on the day of competition.
Restricted = Must be aged 14+ and never won at race with a total prize pool of $300+
 (excl. junior races)
Women's/Masters = Combined race for females aged 14+ and Masters aged 35+
Restricted 1600m = Athletes must compete in one of these races during the season to be eligible to compete in the 1600m Restricted at Stawell. Athletes remain eligible to compete in the1600m Restricted at Stawell if this win one of these races during the season.

9:30am - 800m Women's heats
9:40am - 800m Little Athletics heats
10:20am - 70m Women's heats
11:04am - 70m Open heats (first half)
11:44am - 1600m Frontmarkers Final
11:54am - 70m Open heats (second half)
12:37pm - 120m Women's heats
1:41pm - 120m Stawell Gift heats (first half)
2:40pm - 1600m Backmarkers Final
2:51pm - 120m Stawell Gift heats (second half)
3:51pm - 100m Masters's heats
4:28pm - 800m Women's final
4:38pm - 800m Little Athletics Final
4:48pm - Fashions parade
5:00pm - 400m Frontmarkers's heats
5:20pm - 400m Backmarkers's heats
5:45pm - 800m Under 20 Heats
9:00am - MattyB DEPT. Coaching Clinic
9:30am - 100m LA's Boys heats
10:09am - 100m LA's Girls heats
10.42am - 100m Masters Semi
10:53am - 400m Women's heats
11:25am - 550m Open heats
11:56am - 100m Under 17 Boys heats
12:11pm - 100m Under 17 Girls heats
12:33pm - 1600m Restricted Final
12:43pm - 100m Restricted heats
1:31pm - 100m Masters Final
1:41pm - 100m Under 17 Boys Final
1:51pm - 100m Under 17 Girls Final
2:01pm - 70m Open Semi
2:22pm - 300m Masters heats
3:08pm - 70m Open Final
3:18pm - 100m Restricted semi
3:31pm - 400m LA's heats
4:17pm - 1600m Women's & Masters Final
4:27pm - 550m Open Final
4:37pm - 200m Open heats
10:00am - 800m Open heats
10:25am - 400m Sportzbiz Final
10:35am - 70m Women's semi
10:51am - 200m Open semi
11:10am - 300m Masters Final
11:20am - 100m LA's Boys semi
11:26am - 100m LA's Girls semi
11:40am - 1600m Herb Hedemann Invitation Final
11:50am - 120m Women's semi
12:23pm - 120m Stawell Gift semi
1:02pm - 400m Backmarkers Final
1:11pm - 400m Women's Final
1:20pm - 400m LA's Final
1:30pm - 800m Open Final
1:40pm - 200m Open Final
1:50pm - 120m Women's Final
2:05pm - 120m Backmarkers Invitation Final
2:20pm - 120m Stawell Gift Final
2:45pm - 3200m Open Final
2:55pm - 70m Women's Final
3:05pm - 100m LA's Boys Final
3:15pm - 100m LA's Girls Final
3:25pm - 100m Restricted Final
3:35pm - 400m Frontmarkers Final
3:45pm - 800m Under 20 Final
3:55pm - 1600m LA's Final