Date Sunday 5 January 2018
Venue Address 2 Gingell Street Castlemaine - Map
Start Time 12 midday
Club Contact Tom Burbidge
Phone (03) 8646 4545
Website N/A
Meeting information Free entry into the Junior Castlemaine Gift for kids aged 6 to 14.  Enter on the day.

all race entry fees are non-refundable or transferable

Meeting Details

Entries close 21/12/2018

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11.00am              Heats of the Junior Girls and Boys Gift

12.00 noon          70m Heats

12.32pm              800m Heats 

12.50pm              70m Semis

12.55pm              Official Opening

1.10pm                Masters 120m Heats 

1.30pm                Women's 120m Heats 

1.55pm                70m Final

2.00pm                70m Presentation

2.10pm                Junior Girls Gift Final

2.15pm                Junior Boys Gift Final

2.20pm                Presentation of Junior Castlemaine Gifts

2.30pm                Masters 120m Final

2.35pm                Masters 120m Presentation

2.40pm                800m Final

2.45pm                800m Presentation

2.50pm                120m Women's 120m Gift Semis

3.00pm                120m U/20 Heats

3.20pm                120m Castlemaine Gift Heats

3.55pm                Women's 120m Castlemaine Gift Final

4.00pm                Women's120m Castlemaine Gift Presentation

4.05pm                120m U/20 Final

4.10pm                120m U/20 Presentation

4.15pm                300m Masters Heats 

4.45pm                120m Gift Semis

4.55pm                U/20 400m Heats

5.10pm                Women's 400m Classic Heats 

5.30pm                400m Open Heats 

6.00pm                3200m Open Final

6.15pm                3200m Presentation

6.20pm                U/20 400m Final

6.25pm                300m Masters Final

6.30pm                U/20 400m Presentation

6.35pm                300m Masters Presentation

6.4pm                  120m Castlemaine Gift Final

6.45pm                Presentation Castlemaine Gift

6.55pm                400m Open Final

7.00pm                400m Women's Classic Final

7.05pm                400m Open Presentation

7.10pm                400m Women's Classic Presentation

To enter races you must login and be a current athlete.

Masters = Athletes aged 35+
Open = Open to all athletes aged 14+
Women's = Open to females aged 14+
Under 17 to 20 = Must be under the age restriction on the day of competition.
Restricted = Must be aged 14+ and never won at race with a total prize pool of $300+
 (excl. junior races)
Women's/Masters = Combined race for females aged 14+ and Masters aged 35+