Sandringham 2017-18

Sandringham:  Sunday 12th November
Weather:  Warm
Track:  Synthetic, 400m
Commentator:  Mitch Brown
Starters:  Rob McIntosh, Matthew Webster
Wind Gauge:  Automatic
Photo Finish:  Tom Burbidge, Graeme Walker
Results:  Nila Blennerhassett
Stewards:  Brian Marantelli, Wally Meechan
Handicappers:  Graeme Goldsworthy, Darryl Nettleton, Colin Lane, Chris Brown


Parvinder Singh sustained a leg injury in the eighth heat of the 70m.
Connor Verrall was advised to show more care and consideration for competitors when seeking an inside run in the final of the open 300m.


70m Open: Cam Dunbar (brk),  Karlee Bailey (brk), Pavinder Singh Bajwa (inj), Dominic Hoskins, Nilesh Vaheesan (brk)
100m Open: Chris Diegan, Michael Voumard, Jason Bailey, Stephanie Richards, Noddy Angelakos.
100m Women:  Jemma Clayton, Michelle Young, Monique Larose, Kate Jones
550m Open: Matt Grant