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As the bad weather looms ahead of this weekend, the VAL would like to remind all participants and spectators of our weather policy. Please take care this weekend and stay tuned to the VAL website and Facebook page for any updates as it appears likely that there will be delays.


Unfavourable Weather Policy

The following is provided as a guide for members, clubs and other participants, conducting and participating in athletics events. These guidelines are not binding, but the Victorian Athletic League reminds all parties that they should act responsibly. The Victorian Athletic League also encourages everyone involved in the sport to be conscious of their own personal health and safety at all times.

Cancellation and suspension of events;

Where participant, official or spectator safety is considered at risk, event(s) may be cancelled or suspended. This might relate to an entire meeting programme or elements thereof (e.g. sprints, distance).

Conditions which might cause events to be cancelled, suspended or modified include:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Fog
  • Frost, hail and ice
  • Flooding
  • Snow Strong winds
  • Thunder storm (lightning)
  • Torrential rain
  • Fire (see Code Red Fire Danger Policy)

It is recognised that conditions, duration, impact, etc. may vary from venue to venue and a prescriptive policy is not proposed. Rather, the Victorian Athletic League encourages decision makers to apply the principle of safety first – while also looking to minimise any inconvenience caused to travelling participants.

Common sense will apply at all times and athletes and other participants should always be conscious of the likelihood of unfavourable weather impacting events. Accordingly, participants should familiarise themselves with where and how to obtain relevant information (e.g. Victorian Athletic League website).

In the case of extreme heat, temperatures forecasted at 38 Degrees Celsius or higher will render an event postponed, cancelled or have its program modified to periods or intervals where the temperature is below 38 degrees.

Making the decision;

The decision to cancel, suspend or modify events will be the responsibility of at least two of the following:

  • Chief Steward
  • Club Representative
  • Event Manager
  • Venue Manager
  • Victorian Athletic League CEO, Manager or Committee Member.

Weighing up all relevant factors, decisions should be made and communicated at the earliest possible opportunity.

Communication / notification;

For Victorian Athletic League events, notices will be posted as soon as possible on the Victorian Athletic League website.

Where events are suspended or modified during the course of play, officials should immediately broadcast information and advice to clubs, athletes and associated members as soon as practically possible.

The Victorian Athletic League endeavours to act reasonably at all times and accepts no responsibility for actions and events beyond its control and for the consequences of actions taken in good faith, for the overall health and safety of participants, administrators, officials, spectators, at all Victorian Athletic League related events.